January 13 and 15 minutes of Power Sewing

Had the opportunity to sew a string of two-patch to a rectangle unit for 15 minutes this evening.  Got 32 units sewn together in that time. That seems like a goodly amount.  

After declaring that I wasn’t going to be purchasing new fabric for awhile because I had more than enough, I have gone on a buying spree.  It’s always the case that I have lots of ideas for new projects and I just give in.  Will I be able to use all the fabric up in my lifetime?

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January 10 Christmas is almost over

The tree is stripped down to the bare essentials and that is so sad.  Away it goes for another year.  Seeing the tree with all the lights brings back so many memories of the past holidays from my own childhood and that of the early years of my marriage and then of our two daughters.  This year we enjoyed the addition of grand pups.imageimage

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January 9 the day of many baguettes


I have been baking baguettes almost all day.  Got up early to bake dough batch two into six lovely loaves and then came home to run through the whole process again with batch three.  Happy to say that I have no more dough waiting for my primo skills!  What a lot of fun.  I can say that I learned many useful skills by taking the class and while we don’t eat lots of bread anymore, it is very nice to have this in my back pocket.

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January 8 Baguettes!!!

A friend/coworker and I took a Fabulous French Baguettes bake class at Zingerman’s Bakehouse this evening.  Left with 6 lovely loaves with 8 more to bake tomorrow.  Hope everyone wants a gift.Image

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January 4 Waiting for the Next Storm

Weather was pretty good today because we are waiting for the next storm to appear tomorrow and dump seven to fifteen inches more snow here.   We are prepared with a week’s worth of groceries and plenty to do at home.  We visited the Livonia “antiques mall” this afternoon for a little while.  My “find” was a German coffee mug for $1.00.  It had a great rabbit (and a hedgehog you can’t see) and some writing that suggests a race.  It is photographed with our Schweitzer Swiss nutcracker.Image

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January 3 and Freezing

imageThis was one day where I didn’t want to leave the nest.  But the sun was shining and DD2 and I  decided to try a new restaurant, Cardamom.  And yes, it was delicious.  The photo today is two of the seven rows of my Scottish Solstice quilt, a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  Blocks are 9″ so there are lots of very small pieces.

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January 2 Still Snowing

imageOur jolly elf is happily still celebrating the holiday season.  Weather today was bitter with snow continuing to fall until about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Did my good deed for the week by going over to DD2 condo and cleaning the kitchen and bath.  Enjoyed our time together even though I am certain she would prefer less interference.  But I know that I exhibit some of my Nanny Ruby’s cleaning tendencies.  And that is a good thing from my perspective!

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