Finally Easy Street!

This is an “all Bonnie Hunter” post.  And I’m hoping to successfully link up to her blog at .  You see, after the Orca Bay quilt mystery last year, I started this wonderful quilt from her one of  her books, Pine Tree.  I’ve managed to finish the top center and first border and then decided that it needed something more and have been intermittently sewing 1″ finished squares to form the diamond border.

Bonnie Hunter Pine Tree

Then in mid-November my guild, Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild was fortunate enough to have Bonnie lecture and give a couple of classes.  I, of course, signed up for both of them.  Here is my progress on “Love Shack” (because it said “LOVE” down the side) but mine is called “Home is Where the Heart Is” because I wanted to express something a little different.  Since this photo I’ve managed to put the string borders on the other two sides and it is now waiting for a black & white border to finish it off.


The other class was a Texas Braid pattern and I decided that this had to be done for a king sized bed.  I’m going to be sewing on this FOREVER!  I’ve managed to get 6 braids with 20 squares each so I figure that I might be 10% of the way done with the quilt.  Love the colors though.

Bonnie Hunter Texas Braid

Now for Easy Street week by week.

Easy Street Step 1.  I’ve stayed pretty close to Bonnie’s suggested colors with two major changes.  Grey solid for the constant and black on white fabrics for the background.

Easy Street Step 1

Easy Street Step 2.  Here is where I used oranges instead of purples.

Easy Street Step 2

Easy Street Step 3.  And here is where I used yellows instead of turquoise.  About this time I decided that I didn’t want a square quilt and thought that if I added about 25% for each of the parts that I might come out about right.  Fortunately, each of the steps was pretty easy so I continued to make good progress and get caught up.

Easy Street Step 3

Easy Street Step 4.  I love working with lots of different fabrics and I had been collecting “citrus” colors for some New York Beauty patterns I started purchasing (haven’t made any yet – I’m not convinced that I can sew those curves!).  I had lots of fabrics to choose from.

Easy Street Step 4

Easy Street Step 5.  These look like little houses to me.

Easy Street Step 5

Easy Street Step 6.  I liked being able to see more of the fabrics here.

Easy Street Step 6

Easy Street Step 7.  Here are a couple of the triangles that start to show one of the two blocks.  I have the 4 corner triangles and 12 of the 14 setting triangles done.


Easy Street Step 8 – the Final Reveal.  (And not a moment too soon!)  Below is Block B.  I have all 12 of these done.


Here is my Block A.  I have 12 of these done and only 8 more to go.  I have to admit that while I was extremely careful (so far) with the placement of the 4-patches, I managed to sew the strips for four of the blocks together in the absolutely wrong order and had lots of reverse sewing to do.  I am now, as you can expect, extremely careful about making sure I have them in the right order.


Finally, I did lay out the blocks I had completed and here is one corner that gives a good indication of my colors.  My choice of colors allowed for the blocks themselves to show up well and the lime green squares to move the eye across the quilt.  I do think that the lighter grey solid blends in more than I might have wanted with my background black-on-white.  But I am very pleased with the results AND the fabrics were so much fun to sew.  It’s just darn cheerful (and in Michigan in the winter, that is something to be desired.)


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5 Responses to Finally Easy Street!

  1. Kudos to you! Love all of your scrappy quilts, particularly the colors of your Easy Street quilt!

  2. Janet O. says:

    This is so fresh and beautiful in the citrus colors–like a burst of summer sunshine in a long, cold winter. I can almost smell the tangy fruit now. Very fun. Great job!

  3. pjwhaletail says:

    It’s been an inspiration to see this in progress, in person. Makes me want to go home and sew…

  4. Bari says:

    The colors you chose are wonderful! Fresh! Makes me wish I had gone with different colors…but I am not that brave and love the purple and lime green anyway! 🙂

  5. Vireya says:

    Wow, it looks wonderful! I love your colours.

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