Monday’s Progress

I can tell you that I have still been very busy trying to finish all the pieces for the Orca Bay mystery.  I think I’m going to call mine Calypso Bay since the colors are brighter.  It’s also the case that being geographically challenged, I’m not sure that I even know many “bays” to make a choice.  And while I could certainly look them up, I’m pretty content just to go with what comes to mind.

Below I have a picture of the Orca Bay that fits on my design wall.  At this point all I have left is to sew the last 18 pink triangles to their black/tan wings.  I’ve even taken off the first row and sewn it together.  Easy does it!  I’m also pressing my fabrics on this row to the blue string squares.  The next row will be pressed to the Ohio Stars.  I prefer to be in the position of having seams to butt against.  I think I can be more precise in matching that way.

I’m also working on the UFO Challenge 2012 piece for January that is sponsored by Patchwork Times.  The item is #5 on my list and is an imaginary hummingbird/bee critter that I fused in a Laura Wasilowski class at our quilt guild retreat in August 2007.  Up until this week I had the top done and fused to the batting.  Now I’ve made a very good start on adding the quilting.  Of course you should always start these projects when your are fresh but I really wanted to begin quilting.  I am using silk thread for the top and I failed to observe a couple of good pointers.  I didn’t change the tension either for the bobbin or the top thread.  I also failed to drop the feed dogs.  No surprise, the piece was really dragging along the super slider.  Several days later it belatedly came to me that I needed a quick refresher on all the good advice I had received in the past.

And don’t tell my family but I’ve started another quilt mainly comprised of flying geese in a spiral pattern.  I am using almost all the fabrics in the Carol Gavin “Spring Street” collection.  The 1980’s retro line takes me back and the feel of the fabric is just wonderful.  Pictures of that progress next week.

Yesterday we went to the International Auto Show in Detroit.  Below is a souped-up “Hot Wheels” Camaro.  My husband had a 1968 Camaro in red with white stripes and it was so much fun to drive!  Chevrolet was pretty smart to bring this muscle car back and compete with the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger and Charger.  Now if we could only get out of the boring 5 grey color choices that the auto companies  give us the world would be a much more colorful place!

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