Orca Bay Mystery Reveal

Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website is the place to be for stupendous mysteries and intriguing scrappy fabric patterns.  I’ve loved every minute of this year’s Orca Bay mystery in eight parts that started November 1.  Normally I would have thought that starting a complicated million piece (just joking!) 75″ x 85″ quilt during the holiday season would not make sense.  But it certainly focused my attention on getting everything done so that I could spend quality time in my quilt room.  I wasn’t lucky enough to finish all the parts like some of the others but I tried to get at least 25% of a clue completed before moving on to the next.  The picture below gives a sense of what it will look like when done.  Bonnie’s final quilt is slightly different than mine.  I decided to switch the black and tan background Ohio Star blocks.  I like the way that my layout looks like the black diagonals sit above the lighter blocks.  WOW!  It will take me some weeks to get this to the “flimsy” stage.  I’m going to challenge myself to quilt and finish it before our guild quilt show in late July.

This past weekend I completed my annual inventory of unfinished quilting projects.  I categorize them into 8 steps from “not yet started” to “bound and finished”.  My productivity for 2011 was slightly disappointing as I only completed 7 projects leaving me with 140 (yikes!) on the back burner.  That won’t stop me from starting others and in fact I’ve already taken the dive with a spiral flying geese project using the fabric line called “Spring Street”.  I have joined the UFO 2012 group and believe that will give me at least a dozen to take off the list.  The pressure of working to a deadline gets me to the finish line.

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One Response to Orca Bay Mystery Reveal

  1. Leeann says:

    Yes I think I’m going to swap my stars around too. It looks a little less busy that way! I’m not sure I like MY Orca Bay as it is so busy. It is definitely a quilt that needs to be viewed from a distance! I like the colours you have used in your Orca Bay

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