2012 UFO Challenge

Every year about this time I carefully go through my quilt studio and inventory all my in-progress projects.  They can either be something that I have started sewing on or they can be a project that I want to start with all the fabrics gathered together.  Every year the list seems to get longer and longer.  I’m sure that others can also relate to this phenomena.  So Patchwork Times challenge is just the ticket for getting some of these items out of their boxes and to their intended recipients.  Below is my list for 2012:

1.  Italian Berries (from a class with Sue Holdaway Heyes)

2.  Trier Floor Tiles (from my Italian trip)

3.  Mystery Snowball (using Kaffe Fassett fabrics)

4.  Curves (from a Ricky Tims class)

5.  Fused Bee (from a Laura Wasilowski class)

6.  Holland Fabrics (using fabrics from the Netherlands)

7.  Rhode Island Red (from a mystery class at least a dozen years ago)

8.  Three Random Wallhangings (using 1″ squares made at least 20 years ago)

9.  Bear Paw (from a Judy Niemyer pattern)

10.  Winter Dog wallhanging (from a Country Threads pattern)

11. Mystery Mammy wallhanging (from a class taken at least 20 years ago)

12. Christmas Mouse table runner

I think I can see a pattern emerging here.  I am very enthusiastic about taking classes but I don’t seem to be able to finish them once the day is over.  In making my choices (from a list that is about 150 projects long!!) I tried to choose those that were relatively small and that wouldn’t interfere too much with the other things I am currently working on.  Many of my projects get to the point of being ready to quilt and then I stall.  I definitely enjoy the creating process rather than the quilting process.  I generally am able to finish about 8 – 12 projects a year (some large, some small) so even if I only finish this dozen, I’m at least batting my average.  And I’m counting on going beyond in 2012.  Good resolution!

Happy New Year!

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